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Register and Pay On-line for Your IELTS Test

At Coast English Testing, we are pleased to offer paper-based and computer-delivered IELTS testing.
To learn more about Computer-Delivered IELTS, please click here
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Step 1: Registration

We recommend using the British Council Online Registration as it is fast, simple, secure and the test date availability is live.

To complete the registration (online or paper), you will need the following information:

• Your valid Passport or Permanent Resident Card information (you must bring the same ID on the day of the test)
• Full home address
• E-mail address
• Test module: Academic or General Training

• Full address of the organizations to which you want your results sent (up to 5 for free during application)

Step 2: Payment

Option 1: Pay online using the secure payment system (Visa or MasterCard):

Option 2: Pay in person using cash, debit, Visa and MasterCard at our IELTS office located here.

Option 3: Bank transfer (please email info@englishtests.ca for more information)

For all payment methods you will receive a receipt and confirmation by email.