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Due to concerns around COVID-19 and in the interest of public health, our office is closed for walk-in enquiries until further notice.
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Take the Computer-Delivered IELTS Test in Surrey

Take the Computer-Delivered IELTS Test in Surrey
You now have more choice than ever for Academic and General IELTS tests! The paper test still exists, but you now have the option to take the world’s most trusted English test on a computer. Choose from multiple test dates and times and get faster results. We use the same test format as the paper test, in a modern computer lab, and you still take your speaking test with a live Examiner. Computer-Delivered IELTS Book Now!

Get Your IELTS Test Results in 5-7 Days

After you write your Computer-Delivered IELTS Test, your results are delivered in the same easy to understand Test Report Form as the paper test. However, you can now view your results online just 5-7 days after the test and have your Test Report Form mailed to you.

Speaking Test with a trained and certified IELTS Examiner

In the Computer-Delivered IELTS Test, the speaking test is still face-to-face with one of our professional examiners, and conducted in a private speaking test room, free from noise and distraction. Our examiners can repeat and rephrase a question for you, and will go at your pace. This is still the best way to assess your speaking skills, and we are committed to providing the best IELTS test experience in the Lower Mainland.
In the Computer-Delivered IELTS Test, the speaking test is with one of our trained and certified IELTS Examiners

Flexible IELTS Test Schedule

The Computer-Delivered IELTS Test covers the same content as the paper test, but now you can choose from multiple dates and days of the week to fit your schedule. With more test sessions throughout the week and throughout the day, you have greater flexibility than ever before.

Regular IELTS Test Sessions

Choose from more Computer-Delivered IELTS Test dates than ever before
With the Computer-Delivered IELTS Test, there is potential for multiple tests per day, several times per week, on days of the week that suite our students’ schedules. Check back regularly for our updated Computer-Delivered IELTS Test dates

Our Location

Coast English Testing, Newton, Surrey was designed with Computer-Delivered IELTS test takers in mind; from large computer-screens, to noise-cancelling headphones and fully adjustable, ergonomic chairs. We continue to invest in the IELTS test experience. Check out more details about the location here.


Price $305 + G.S.T (2020)