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IELTS Package

About IELTS Package

Succeed with IELTS! Take IELTS and prepare for it with our experienced IELTS teachers. We have the perfect package for you.

After months of customization and academic research, we are introducing an exclusive IELTS package for anyone who is interested in taking the IELTS test and being ready to succeed. IELTS is an important test, so be thoroughly prepared!

Package Details

IELTS Test + IELTS Prep Course only at $474.99 plus GST

About the IELTS Prep Course

Our popular IELTS Prep Course is an amalgamation of high-quality personal instruction and cutting-edge online technology, which will help you get your desired band score. The course is offered online via Moodle and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. This online delivery format offers you easy access to learning, regular feedback from the teacher, as well as a more flexible and personalised learning experience.

Learn more about the IELTS Preparation Course.

Our Teachers

Our teachers are highly qualified (with many years of teaching experience) and have undergone our thorough in-house training, specifically designed for the IELTS preparation course. They create a positive learning experience in the classroom, which makes every student feel included and valued. Our teachers have received excellent feedback from previous students.

Our teachers are…

· highly experienced and have in-depth knowledge of IELTS

· TESOL qualified

· have a degree level education or higher

To sign up for the package (IELTS prep course and IELTS test fee), please complete this form and proceed to make the payment.


After you have paid for IELTS Package, you will then have to register for the IELTS Test. Please follow the steps below.

Please note – you DO NOT have to pay for the test at this stage.

  • Book your IELTS Test (you will need a scan of your passport information page or PR card).
  • Upload your ID document scan during the booking process and choose the option to ‘pay later’.
  • Once you have booked your test, you will receive a confirmation email from the British Council.
  • The email will be titled, ‘Acknowledgement of Receipt of IELTS Test Application’.
  • It will ask you to pay for the test immediately, but you do not need to take any action.
  • Forward the email to

After you have paid for IELTS Package, you will have to register for the IELTS Test. Please refer to What happens after you pay for the IELTS Package.

No, you choose the test dates yourself.

You must book a test date within a week of booking your IELTS Package.

Yes, you may simply upgrade to IELTS Package by paying a discounted fee of $160 plus GST for the IELTS Prep Course. Please complete the IELTS Package Upgrade Form.

Please check out our Cancellation and Refund Policy.