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IELTS Weekly Practice: #2 Connectors for IELTS Writing

This week’s flashcards are designed to help you better understand connector words for the IELTS.

Connector words, or linking words, play a key role in organizing your essays clearly and logically. In the IELTS Writing tests, using these connectors effectively will improve your band score, as they help in presenting your ideas coherently.

Here are a few flashcards to help you improve your use of connector words:

Cue Card #1

How do you use additive connectors to add more information in an essay?

  • Combine similar ideas to provide a fuller picture.
  • Use them to transition smoothly between points.
  • Make sure the additional information is relevant to your main idea.
Employ an additive connector to enrich your point: 'British Columbia's landscape is breathtaking, and its cultural diversity adds to its charm.'
Cue Card #2

How can adversative connectors effectively introduce contrast or opposition in your essay?

  • Use them to highlight differences or alternative viewpoints.
  • Ensure the contrast is meaningful and adds value to your argument.
  • Balance the contrasting ideas to maintain a cohesive argument.
Implement an adversative connector for contrast: 'Vancouver's winters are mild, but visiting the outdoors without a vehicle can be challenging.'
Cue Card #3

In what ways do causal connectors show cause and effect in your essay?

  • Link actions or events to their consequences.
  • Make sure the cause and effect relationship is clear and logical.
  • Use them to add depth to your analysis or argument.
Use a causal connector to illustrate cause and effect: 'Many choose to live in BC because of its natural beauty, therefore the real estate market is booming.
Cue Card #4

How do sequential connectors help in organizing ideas in your essay?

  • Structure your essay by ordering points or steps logically.
  • They’re great for guiding the reader through your thought process.
  • Use them to make your argument or narrative more digestible.
Apply sequential connectors to order your thoughts: 'Firstly, consider BC's economic growth; secondly, its educational opportunities; finally, its cultural richness.

Embracing Connectors in IELTS Writing & English

As you complete these flashcards, remember that your ability to use connectors effectively will not just improve your IELTS band score but also help you prepare for a life in Canada. These small but powerful words will help you articulate your ideas in a clear, coherent manner, a critical aspect of engaging with the diverse communities of Canada.

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