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Due to concerns around COVID-19 and in the interest of public health, our office is closed for walk-in enquiries until further notice.
Please contact us by email or call us during office hours instead . For more information, please refer to our COVID-19 Health & Safety measures.
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Priyanka S
16 March 2021
Thank you for identifying my weakness and helping me achieve my results .All these days all I did was prepare for ielts keeping your notes and pointers in mind.
Vitalli B
6 March 2021
Thank you very much for your course! I have received the results of my test with 7.5 in all 4 sections of the exam! I hope other members of the group also will come back to you with great news!
Tracy Y
27 February 2021
The experience in your test center was great and to be honest, you are the first test center who sent us the email to give feedback about how to improve the service. I really appreciate it. No wonder everything at your center is well organised with professional trained employees. Thanks for providing us such a great place.
Kate L
27 February 2021
The team who handled the exam last February 27 did a great job on following the COVID 19 protocols. It was very visible on how they regularly sanitize the area and constantly reminding everyone for social distancing. It was a quick and smooth process that exactly 9:30 everyone is seated and good to start. We kind of finished later than expected, but it was still reasonable. Other than that, it was a great choice to do the exam with Coast English.
Poushi P
24 February 2021
My experience was seamless and hassle-free. The staff was very cooperative and helpful in answering some of the questions I had, which eased the nervousness of the Test itself. ????
Shubra A
22 February 2021
I am very much satisfied with the procedures during my test at Sheraton Vancouver Guilford Hotel. Staff was welcoming as well as following the protocols. Directions were very clear and everything was organized.
Vildane M
20 February 2021
I'm satisfied with your test centre! Your staff is correct, punctual, very clear, easy to understand and very helpful, they are flawless! This was my second time coming to your test centre in Newton. The test room is amazing too, it is very comfortable, the computers and headphones ,the desk also gives you the privacy and the space to concentrate during the test! At this point l do not see any need for improvement!
Sony M
20 February 2021
I took IELTS on February 20 at New Link College....It was a great experience for me. I felt that everything is well organized and also on time...I am so satisfied with the arrangements made on that day. Thank you so much for all your help.
Travis M
18 February 2021
The testing procedures were satisfactory and the setup was great. As well, Winston college is a great location for the test.
Reynald L
17 February 2021
It was great! I am so impressed. What a remarkable facility strict in implementing covid protocols at the same time delivering a welcoming service. Though there's a power interruption the atmosphere is still great due to the good attitude of the staffs.