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Coast English Testing Testimonials

Not sure if Coast English Testing is the right English testing center for you? Here are just a few testimonials from our customers.

"I have to say that taking the test with Coast English Testing has been a wonderful experience. All of the staff are very lovely and very helpful. All of the computers and equipment were working perfectly."

- Poomrit U on August 31, 2022

"My boyfriend and I both took the test the same day and we are both satisfied with the result, experience and process. The booking system worked perfectly, we could process the payment right away and upload our identification documents without any issue. Communication and support were adequate and proactive, we really liked all preparation materials provided prior to the exam, it was very helpful. During the exam the registration process worked seamlessly and it was easy to follow all instructions, the staff was friendly and proactive too. After the test, we received the online results within the deadline they previously indicated and few days later the paper results arrived. We would recommend Coast English Testing in the future."

- Indira L on August 29, 2022

"The experience is outstanding. The staff there is extremely friendly which eases a lot of stress for me. It was a wonderful experience."

- Ruping Q on August 25, 2022

"My exam on that day went well. Everything came organized and i hear clearly also on the listening part. It was very well-organized and i think all the exam takers concentrate well. Kudos also all the staff as they were very helpful."

- Genelyn P on August 23, 2022

"It was awesome experience everything was great. Thank you for great service and environment and i will recommend this location to everyone for their ielts exam who are willing to give their test. Staff was very supportive and helpful."

- Rajvir J on August 21, 2022

"Got a great test experience with Coast English Testing, everything was perfect and all the staff members were so nice."

- Penny J on August 17, 2022

"Taking IETLS test with Coast English Testing was so good. I got important experience. Even though I didn’t pass the exam, I will continue taking the test here and hope to get same service in this month."

- Son P on August 13, 2022

"The test scenario was very well planned. I was properly informed of all of the procedures as well as the routines and rules. Moreover, the test conduction was done smoothly and on time."

- Kirtan S on August 7, 2022

"I had a very good experience. It was super simple registration and very clear instructions for listening and rest of all tests. I recommend the center for taking the exam here. Staff was great in helping and answering questions."

- Hari P on August 3, 2022

"The entire testing procedure was great. I was extremely nervous because it was my first time doing the IELTS. But every IELTS coordinator was friendly and kind. Making me less nervous when doing the test. Overall, the test experience was magnificent."

- Jacky G on July 23, 2022

"I was in need of improving my speaking and writing skills and while checking for a course which could help me with that I came across the IELTS Prep Course. And I liked the speaking face-to-face interviews and the feedback on my essay assignments in the course which helped me to identify my mistakes and what to improve on. So it was very satisfactory for me."

- Dinesh U on July 13, 2022

"I had a very pleasant experience. Staff was courteous, professional, and this was my first computer based IELTS (even though it was my 4th IELTS) and I must add that it was better than my previous experiences. Fast and professional check in Secure lockers for my belongings Clean washrooms when needed"

- Henrique M on July 12, 2022

"Everything was up to date Everyone were very competent enough to guide the test takers . Overall a nice experience."

- Annanya D on July 8, 2022

"I liked the test environment. Everyone was cautious about Covid protocols. The staff were so friendly and they ran the test pretty well and on-time. I strongly recommend taking your IELTS tests here."

- Ayda S on June 24, 2022

"The location of centre is really convinient. The staff is supportive and friendly and everything was conducted in a systematic manner. No rush and no delays. The instructions were loud and clear and immediate support was provided when asked. The quite environment allowed me to focus and score really well in my IELTS exam."

- Shruti A on June 17, 2022

"I'm extremely happy with the coast English testing services. The procedure for IELTS exam was satisfactory. There were proper instructions for each and every task. I'm so thankful of Saniya Pasricha for the quick reply of my emails. I would highly recommend coast English testing for taking IELTS exam and IELTS preparation material."

- Sukhdeep S on June 16, 2022

"I attended the test in June 2022. Overall I think organization wise, it was flawless. I cannot think of any negative feedback. I would recommend my friends to take the test with Coast English Test."

- Xiangyi Z on June 9, 2022

"Wrote my IELTS exam at this location a little over a month ago. They were very courteous, were on time with keeping the exam within it's time frame as well as providing clarity when asked queries regarding the test and it's accompanying details. Would definitely recommend this location for anyone willing to write their tests and get through the procedure without any hassles."

- Sreekuttan P on May 22, 2022

"Its a great place. The place was clean and the exam was nicely organised. The instructions were correct and the wireless headphones were great feature to have. They provided all the accessories for the exam and even lockers. Overall great experience"

- Ridley M on May 20, 2022

"I had a great time taking my IELTS test at your centre. The process was smooth and all of the covid restrictions were correctly followed. I even received my results within 3/4 days of the test. I don't have any complaints. I would definitely recommend this testing centre to my friends & family."

- Amit B on May 11, 2022

"I had a really good experience at the center. Below are few things I found notable. - The staff were sociable and really helpful. - The social distancing was still maintained and only limited number of people were allowed. - The equipment provided was in perfect condition."

- Yamuna P on April 29, 2022

"I took the test in April and it went really smooth. I was happy with the overall service. The atmosphere was quiet and conducive for the test. I have nothing to add. It went well and the staff were professional and helpful."

- Okikiolu J on April 20, 2022

"I took test in March and it was on computer. I really like the way it was arranged. As all the staff members were also helpful and polite."

- Munish B on March 31, 2022

"I think all went well and everything was very professional. My first computer wasn’t working well but i was quickly asked to move to other computer. This things happen. I enjoyed and if I need to repeat ielts test I will return."

- Manuel L on March 27, 2022

"With regards to my experience during my IELTS examination, overall it was a good experience. The staffs were very helpful and accommodating. It was my first time to take the computer based IELTS exam and I would say it is indeed better than the paper version as I have taken the paper based long time ago. It was also easy to book an appointment and your institution has a lot of availability as well which was really helpful."

- Michelle D on March 26, 2022

"In fact, everything was fantastic. All procedures were coherently explained by staff. They allowed questions in case of misunderstanding. Test app seemed to be working as it should. The workplace allowed privacy, and was spacious and comfortable. Headphones were soft and had great sound quality. Monitor all-adjustable. In other words, an undisturbed experience for me."

- George G on March 21, 2022

"I really had a great experience with Coast English testing. The whole system setup was satisfactory."

- Amanveer K on March 19, 2022

"I recently gave my IELTS exam in March 2022. The coast English Testing IELTS centre is best capable of conducting exam in most professional way. The centre is equipped with all the necessary tools required during exam. The staff is cooperative and everything runs smooth with no rush. Great work team."

- Jasmine B on March 17, 2022

"My experience at the Kingsway branch of Coast English was really great! The staff was friendly and helpful! Procedurally it was well organised and I was directed to my examination room rather quickly! I believe the current structure and procedures for the IELTS are excellent and do not need any adjustments!"

- Calvin F on March 16, 2022

"I am satisfied with the service I got from the staff members and the institution. Everything was properly done:- Time management, good etiquettes with the newcomers, safety and security of our belongings. It was a very good test with having a great experience on a computer."

- Rajwinder S on March 15, 2022

"This is my first time on paper test format to take IELTS and I would satisfy with the testing procedures. Your colleagues all provide great service to me during registration and the test. However, I would prefer to take computer-based format as the waiting time for the result is shorter than that of paper-based format."

- Pui K on March 13, 2022

"My experience with Mariana was pretty good. She is an excellent instructor. Her feedback on the speaking and writing mock test was very valuable to me as I got to know my mistakes. She is a very kind and helpful person. Moreover, she replies to my email as soon as possible. Her service is excellent. I really liked the service. She answered all my questions and her lecture notes really helped me a lot in better understanding the material. Moreover, while listening to her lectures, I realized the common mistakes that I made on my previous IELTS exam."

- Minha A on March 12, 2022

"There was plenty of parking and the building was easy to find. Very well organised and not much waiting around. Instructions were clear from staff and they were friendly."

- Simunjit G on March 12, 2022

"The test was well organized and monitored. I also liked how quick and straight forward everyone was. Overall I think it was a nice experience and if I ever need to take the test again I’d take it with you guys. Thank you very much!"

- Paulina F on March 1, 2022

"All the staff was welcoming and were very helpful with us. They helped students for some queries and made it convenient for us."

- Taran S on February 19, 2022

"Very good service and comfortable environment. Good dealing to candidates."

- Gurpreet S on February 16, 2022

"It was good experience with you .. all were very nice and best wishes to your service for more growth and success????"

- Jot S on January 22, 2022

"The procedure was very good. Even in this pandemic, test was held safely and staff was also very good."

- Akashdeep D on January 19, 2022

"I gave IELTS test in January 2022, and I am extremely satisfied with my experience at Coast English Testing Center. The staff was really nice and they seemed to be professionals. Everything was organized well and staff provided good service. The place itself was quite with no unnecessary disturbances. I would highly recommend Coast English Testing to everyone out there who is planning on booking a test."

- Gurnaaz K on January 13, 2022

"It was a great experience for me. I really like the setup that you guys did during this pandemic time. Moreover, the staff was very polite and helpful. I remember i was little late for the test but still they helped me a lot. Hopefully you guys are doing well same as before. Stay safe and healthy."

- Gajjan S on November 25, 2021

"Testing was done properly. Rules were read before each part of the test. Time limit was followed on the dot. Moderators were very attentive to test takers and strict compliance to the testing facility's regulations were met. Fortunately , I passed the IELTS on first try."

- Catherine R on November 25, 2021

"After I successfully completed the IELTS general test, I was ecstatic to know that I obtained the results I wanted. The examination was conducted in a very professional manner. I was very happy with the way British Council, and also Cost English Testing conducted the examination. I will for certain recommend any individual to do the IELTS test with British Council, through Coast English Testing. I also must mention about the preparation course of Cost English Testing. The course was extremely helpful to me and I am thankful to Marianna Constantinescue for helping me with my studies."

- Anuk E on November 24, 2021

"I am glad to share my testing experience with you. Generally speaking, compare with the traditional Paper test, I think the IELTS Computer test is more convenient and comfortable for me. That was the first time I took the computer-based test, the staff are very kind and helpful when I met problems."

- Sitong Y on November 17, 2021

"My overall experience taking the test with IELTS is great. Everything ran smoothly and the coordinators did a great job of conducting the test."

- Aaron L on October 28, 2021

"The experience of examination was quite good. I am pregnant and even they gave priority to me for which I am really thankful to the staff for the concern they had shown towards me. It was not just the exam but they made me comfortable throughout the exam. Overall, it was really nice n friendly experience for me."

- Parneet K on October 16, 2021

"The testing procedure & experience were fantastic and everyone in the test center was helpful and approachable."

- Matheswaran K on October 15, 2021

"My experience was excellent with Coast English Testing as it was so convenient to give a computer delivered test. I’m glad that I chose Coast English testing services for my IELTS test. Thank you for your services. Also the staff was so kind and helpful."

- Karmanjot K on October 14, 2021

"I would say all things were perfect. I find the staff were supportive, the procedures in place were very smooth throughout the test. The test by itself was well structured too. I was very nervous to take the computer based exam, as it was my first time in this format but the Coast English testing has made it very comfortable for me. I would give 10/10."

- Sunil P on September 26, 2021

"The IELT test in September was a really good experience. I really appreciated it and the results were delivered fast."

- Lucas O on September 20, 2021

"Overall I was really pleased with the experience of writing my IELTS test at your centre. The staff was polite and professional. They expressed their instructions clearly and provided help with any queries. The test centre followed strict COVID-19 regulations and procedures. I felt safe and comfortable writing my exam. The staff were quick in responding to any emails or phone questions. Thank you for organizing the IELTS test, it was a pleasant experience."

- Kashif P on September 16, 2021

"The entire process was great! I'd like to give excellent feedback for the person at the reception who helped me find the exact location as I was new to that area. Super helpful!"

- Kanan S on September 8, 2021

"I booked the course but I couldn’t attend because of vaccine side effects. I told Ms. Mariana about my absence. She sent all materials every day so I studied by myself. Also I took Writing work shop on 17th Tuesday and 18th Wednesday. I enjoyed very much and she is a very supportive teacher. I may book IELTS prep course again."

- Naoko T on August 10, 2021

"Everything was great, all organized and perfect understanding , perfect standard as of covid . Nothing that I can complain about! Honestly I don’t think there’s anything that could be improved as for my experience everything was 100% great."

- Gurvinder A on July 21, 2021

"My experience with you was wonderful and satisfactory. For example, everything was on time, people who guide us were very polite. Overall, I can say I was satisfied."

- Lovejit K on June 24, 2021

"I'm so happy with this course, was perfect for my before my test. I really understood the structure and tips about the IELTS, the time was good I believed that we maybe cant check all the topics but we reviewed everything. The professor was excellent, so professional and polite. The best part is to have the score of each part of the exam, the mock in speaking, the feedback was the most important part to know in which areas the students need to improve. So I really will high recommended this course. Thank you for everything."

- Katherine T on June 12, 2021

"The experience in your test center was great and to be honest, you are the first test center who sent us the email to give feedback about how to improve the service. I really appreciate it. No wonder everything at your center is well organized with professional trained employees. Thanks for providing us such a great place."

- Amanpreet K on May 29, 2021

"I'd say the testing procedures were overall great, staffs were professionally trained and very helpful. Personally I'd prefer computerized testing as the writing section is quite demanding, however I appreciate speaking section with human staff because I feel more relaxed facing a human, unlike the TOFEL counterpart."

- Che H on May 26, 2021

"Overall feedback for the test is good. everything was arranged magnificently. Thanks for the amazing service."

- Munish S on May 20, 2021

"I took an IELTS test back in May with your institution and everything I experienced was absolutely perfect. I actually would like to thank you for your excellent work and I got the online result the day before the immigration portal opened."

- Yuhao L on May 18, 2021

"I am totally satisfy with the services provided during the test. it was great to give the test with Coast English testing."

- Harry B on May 15, 2021

"The testing procedures were perfect to me. The experience was great. If I need to take another test, I will select your site as well."

- Guijian W on May 12, 2021

"It was an awesome experience. I absolutely loved your staff, Habib the supervisor there helped me a lot as I struggled with registration and all. A big kudos to him for helping me and this was an unforgettable experience."

- Parveena B on May 9, 2021

"Everything was fine and well. Proper procedures were followed and the instructors were also good. I already recommend my friends to take their IELTS at this location.."

- Amandeep on April 30, 2021

"The procedure for IELTS exam was satisfactory. There were proper instructions for each and every task."

- Sukhdeep K on April 24, 2021

"I’m fully satisfied in your service❤️The staff was kind and friendly"

- Jerdeth B on April 17, 2021

"I really appreciate and thankful to Coast English Testing for achieving my required band score in IELTS exams. Therefore, I recommend to all my nears and dears who need to appear in IELTS test, to take this test through Coast English testing Institute only."

- Jagdeep B on April 12, 2021

"I had an excellent experience in Burnaby. The staff was very cooperative, polite and location was following proper protocols for Covid-19. Thank you for maintaining proper standards for covid and having best staff in the test center."

- Heena on April 4, 2021

"It was amazing experience with you guys Every setup was great and comfortable for everyone even though all the staff members are helpful and decent to everyone. I would love to recommend everyone to you location"

- Shamsher C on March 31, 2021

"I did find the process satisfactory and have recommended computer tests instead of hand written tests to my friends as well. All the procedures were satisfactory."

- Jay S on March 21, 2021

"I am really happy and satisfied so for me it’s 10/10"

- Amir on March 17, 2021

"Thank you for identifying my weakness and helping me achieve my results .All these days all I did was prepare for ielts keeping your notes and pointers in mind."

- Priyanka S on March 16, 2021

"Thank you very much for your course! I have received the results of my test with 7.5 in all 4 sections of the exam! I hope other members of the group also will come back to you with great news!"

- Vitalli B on March 6, 2021

"The team who handled the exam last February 27 did a great job on following the COVID 19 protocols. It was very visible on how they regularly sanitize the area and constantly reminding everyone for social distancing. It was a quick and smooth process that exactly 9:30 everyone is seated and good to start. We kind of finished later than expected, but it was still reasonable. Other than that, it was a great choice to do the exam with Coast English."

- Kate L on February 27, 2021

"The experience in your test center was great and to be honest, you are the first test center who sent us the email to give feedback about how to improve the service. I really appreciate it. No wonder everything at your center is well organised with professional trained employees. Thanks for providing us such a great place."

- Tracy Y on February 27, 2021

"My experience was seamless and hassle-free. The staff was very cooperative and helpful in answering some of the questions I had, which eased the nervousness of the Test itself. ????"

- Poushi P on February 24, 2021

"I am very much satisfied with the procedures during my test at Sheraton Vancouver Guilford Hotel. Staff was welcoming as well as following the protocols. Directions were very clear and everything was organized."

- Shubra A on February 22, 2021

"I took IELTS on February 20 in Burnaby....It was a great experience for me. I felt that everything is well organized and also on time...I am so satisfied with the arrangements made on that day. Thank you so much for all your help."

- Sony M on February 20, 2021

"I'm satisfied with your test centre! Your staff is correct, punctual, very clear, easy to understand and very helpful, they are flawless! This was my second time coming to your test centre in Newton. The test room is amazing too, it is very comfortable, the computers and headphones ,the desk also gives you the privacy and the space to concentrate during the test! At this point l do not see any need for improvement!"

- Vildane M on February 20, 2021

"The testing procedures were satisfactory and the setup was great. As well, Winston college is a great location for the test."

- Travis M on February 18, 2021

"It was great! I am so impressed. What a remarkable facility strict in implementing covid protocols at the same time delivering a welcoming service. Though there's a power interruption the atmosphere is still great due to the good attitude of the staffs."

- Reynald L on February 17, 2021

"It was great, the staff are so kind and organized. They obeyed the protocol from BC Health. They always disinfect, before and after we used the area. We were a bit delayed, but it was fine."

- Anaperl T on February 13, 2021

"I should say that it is so great I decide to have my IELTS test at your venue. You people have noticed every detail of the procedure in this special period, which do make me feel safer during the test. Especially, I do want to thank the lady who took the responsibility for ensuring that candidates could wait for the speaking test in social distance and clean situation. I think all above brings luck to me to have a 7 score in this test!"

- Ada C on February 13, 2021

"My experience with Coach English Testing was extremely amazing. Due to the current situation, I was a bit worried about the covid protocols and how they would be enforced at the testing site but I must say, they were perfect! I loved the clear communication and all the safety procedures that were put in place for everyone's safety. I hope this information was helpful :)"

- Palak K on February 11, 2021

"I would like to extend my warm gratitude to Mariana who gave us some encouragement, strategies, tips, skills and knowledge from our IELTS prep course and to your good office for making this kind of program. This would be a great help for all of us who are going to take the test. I hope and pray that we will pass the test and have the right band score in accordance to what is required for, or much higher than what we expect. I hope that your service will continue to help those in need like us. Thank you and more power!"

- Josephine C on February 11, 2021

"it was wonderful experience testing with you guys! Everything was up to date , well organized and staff was very nice and friendly. Moreover the best thing was every safety precautions were taken bcz of COVID ."

- Kiran S on February 9, 2021

"I have completed IELTS preparation Couse. It is very helpful to me. I learned so many tips and tricks for IELTS test. Thanks to the teacher who taught me very well. Thanks to all of you."

- Namrata R on February 9, 2021

"I took IELTS exam recently. There is no doubt your whole team is aware of COVID 19 and they are following all the rules and regulations of social distancing and they wipe each and every single thing(area) with the disinfecting wipes after single use which I really appreciate. I want to say Thankyou to the whole IELTS testing team to take care of us during examination."

- Sukh K on February 6, 2021

"It was an amazing experience for me. Most importantly the staff was very kind and friendly and I will also recommend others for taking test with you."

- Manmeet K on February 5, 2021

"The IELTS Prep Course was very informative and excellent. Would highly recommend it. And Mariana is very helpful, goes above and beyond and it was such a great experience. Thank you coast english testing."

- Harlene C on February 3, 2021

"My experience was good at your college while exam. Staff were so cooperative and friendly. Even I referred your college name to my friend because she will do IELTS exam soon."

- Seema B on January 29, 2021

"The tips and tricks given by Ms. Mariana were really excellent .The feedback she gave is really helpful .It even clarified my doubts. Otherwise, before, I was struggling to find the correct method to do the tasks. Now I am going to these strategies in test and I am sure to get my desired results soon. God bless you Ms. Mariana."

- Mandeep K on January 21, 2021

"This was my first IELTS general test experience with Inn at the Quay. The atmosphere was very relaxing, even though it is a very stressing exam. Also, the organization of the rooms, made the line go pretty fast. Thank you for your support and encouragement throughout the testing process."

- Khusbu P on January 21, 2021

"It was great experience Coast English Testing Center. Teacher Mariana is excellent. Her method is also very good. She teaches English in detail. But I have one suggestion for you that add one more week along with test practice because all students are international and it will really help the students."

- Mehreen A on January 11, 2021

"It was a nice experience with Mariana. Her classes were the best and really helpful for someone who is attending IELTS exam. I don’t have any suggestions for improvement because she is doing her best during the class and your price for the course is pretty reasonable. Overall, I really enjoyed the class and I am sure that will make a good difference in my score during the exam."

- Arshi R on January 11, 2021

"I really enjoy taking the course and it was really useful for me. The teacher was nice and friendly. However, the only thing I didn’t like is the time, as it was too late for me."

- Sofiya G on January 4, 2021

"My experience of taking the test with Coast English Testing was great: the staffs were friendly and helpful, instructions were easy to follow the location was easy to find, direction to the washroom was well indicated, and a lot of parking spots were available. Overall, I am very satisfied with how well the test was organized and executed. As for improvement, I can't think of any."

- Betty Y on December 30, 2020

"All in all I was very happy with my experience at your IELTS centre. The staff were very polite and professional, and provided great instructions and help when needed. The venue was able to abide by Covid-19 regulations, so I felt safe doing my exam there. I was able to contact the centre by both email and phone, with quick replies to my queries. My results came very quickly even factoring in that it must have been busy due to Christmas time. Thank you for your services, it was a pleasure."

- Kiran R on December 28, 2020

"I am highly satisfied with the experience of test held at comfort inn suits and I am happy to recommend it to my friends. Everything was perfect. Thank you"

- Ravneet D on December 24, 2020

"I had a very good experience giving my test there. The coordinators were very helpful, ethical and professional. I'm satisfied with the testing procedures."

- Souvik M on December 19, 2020

"I was quite content with the way everything was handled. It was seamless & really can't think of anything more. Just keep up the good work."

- Parag S on December 17, 2020