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Penny J

Got a great test experience with Coast English Testing, everything was perfect and all the staff members were so nice.

Son P

Taking IETLS test with Coast English Testing was so good. I got important experience. Even though I didn’t pass the exam, I will continue taking the test here and hope to get same service in this month.

Ayda S

I liked the test environment. Everyone was cautious about Covid protocols. The staff were so friendly and they ran the test pretty well and on-time. I strongly recommend taking your IELTS tests here.

Shruti A

The location of centre is really convinient. The staff is supportive and friendly and everything was conducted in a systematic manner. No rush and no delays. The instructions were loud and clear and immediate support was provided when asked. The quite environment allowed me to focus and score really well in my IELTS exam.

Sreekuttan P

Wrote my IELTS exam at this location a little over a month ago. They were very courteous, were on time with keeping the exam within it’s time frame as well as providing clarity when asked queries regarding the test and it’s accompanying details. Would definitely recommend this location for anyone willing to write their tests […]

Ridley M

Its a great place. The place was clean and the exam was nicely organised. The instructions were correct and the wireless headphones were great feature to have. They provided all the accessories for the exam and even lockers. Overall great experience