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Harleen H

My honest review is that it was a great experience. I suffer from anxiety and specially in Covid pandemic I was scared how the whole test would be conducted since I am more prone to the illness due to my asthma. But the test centre followed all the correct procedures both during writing and speaking.

Sunita D

At the test Centre, all the facilities were good. I appreciate your invigilators they are still standing with your test center in the corona time. I recommend your test center to my friends those are planning for the IELTS test.

Gagandeep K

I am satisfied with the testing procedures. There was proper arrangement for hand sanitizer and social distance was maintained. Lastly all the invigilators were nice.

Scott F

My testing experience was great and everything just followed safety instructions. It really asured me because I was really worried about the pandemic and my personal safety. Overally it was an excellent test day and I met a lot super friendly staff.

Zi T

Very special experience taking test under COVID-19 situation. Impressed by the professional process which let me feel very safe and comfortable. Many thanks for all your hard work and well-organizing.

Justin K

Honestly I thought during this pandemic the test was held pretty satisfactory. The social distancing aspect was there, I feel that all the facilitators take their precautions of making it safe and I think it was overall a really good experience for me.